• Non-contested
    The parties agree to the majority of the terms. (Ex. child support, conservatorship, and division of property)

  • Contested
    The parties do not agree to most of the terms. It can be a long drawn out process to arrive at a divorce settlement.

DWI/DUI, Tickets, Assault, and Theft




  • A will tells your family how you wish your property to be derived at your death. A will can save your loved ones a lot of trouble after you have gone.

  • A power of attorney allows a trusted friend or family member to speak or act for you should you be unable to do so.

  • Stephanie offers a complete will package to help you during you life and your family after you laeve.


  • For over 20 years Stephanie Gonzalez arrested people for DWI. Now she defends them; let her experience work to your advantage. She can look at your criminal, DWI/DUI reports, DWI tests, drivers license suspension, etc., to give you the best options available.


  • Too many tickets in a one or two year period and even certain tickets can suspend your drivers license. In addition, some arrests can suspend your drivers license. To prevent a suspension, give your tickets to Stephanie to keep that much needed and valuable "DL". If your tickets have gone to warrant, Stephanie can post your bail so you don't see the inside of a jail cell.

  • Prices start at $60 per ticket

  • If your tickets have already suspended your drivers license, Stephanie can help get you an ODL (occupational drivers license).

Occupational Driver's License (ODL)

  • An ODL restores your capacity to drive during your suspension period.

Possession of Drugs

Possession of Marijuana



Jail Release


Estate Management, Property Management, Mortgages